Colorado town marks two years of required gun ownership

    By Kalie Greenberg
    NBC News

    NUCLA, Colo. - It's been two years since this Colorado town put in place an ordinance that requires the head of the household to own a firearm.

    "We do own guns - and I've heard it time and time again - we're not giving them up," says Nucla resident Kandis Tomlinson.
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    It started out as a joke as a way to emphasize the right to bear arms at a Nucla Town Board meeting. It was soon turned into law.

    "I think we're slowly losing our Constitutional rights. My thinking is, if they take away our right to own firearms, what's the next thing they take away?" says Nucla Board of Trustees member Les Mahannah.

    In 2013, Nucla issued a Home Protection Ordinance, which requires the head of each household to own a firearm.

    "That's probably what keeps us safe," said Mahannah, "If you were a criminal, would you break into my house knowing I had a gun in my house? Probably not."

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