Paddlin' Hollow: West Virginia students launch Giant Pumpkin Regatta Boat Race

West Virginia University students take part in inaugural Giant Pumpkin Regatta Boat Race on the Mon River. (NBC News)

The inaugural Giant Pumpkin Regatta Boat Race took place in West Virginia on Sunday as part of the celebrations for Mountaineer Week at West Virginia University.

The WVU Horticulture Club, Men's Rowing Club, WVU Student Veterans and teachers from North Elementary School took part in the Regatta. Giant, hollowed pumpkins were used as boats in relay races along the Mon River.

Event organizer Dustin Trychta, a West Virginia University horticulture student, used his passion for growing pumpkins to bring the Regatta to Morgantown.

"Rather than being upset about not having one to go to over the winter, I kind of planned how to create my own and bring it to my club. We dug down deep. We expanded our garden space last year," said Trychta.

The process of preparing these floating devices is just like carving your everyday pumpkin.

"You basically just hollow it out," Trychta explained. "You find a comfy spot inside. It feels just about exactly what you would imagine it to feel like, cold, slimy, wet. As much as it turns peoples faces, everybody wants to do it themselves at least once."

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