Smart home security: Beware of hackers using devices to spy on you

Smart home devices are in high demand this holiday season, but researchers warn hackers can use these devices to spy on you. (NBC News)

A smart home can make life's little chores easier, but it could also be a doorway for hackers.

"We're seeing attackers trying to break in to home networks five times a day," says Norton Security expert Kevin Haley.

Hackers can use a vulnerability or bug in the software to get access to your home network.

Cybersecurity researchers at Check Point found just that in LG smarThinQ think devices.

"We were able to hack into other accounts on the smarThinQ cloud service and essentially control the home devices, in particular the vacuum cleaners, and access the video camera on the vacuum cleaners," says Check Point's Peter Alexander.

Check Point informed LG before alerting the public, allowing the company to fix the problem before the bad guys could take advantage.

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