Swimmer survives Great White shark attack spearfishing off Pebble Beach

Man attacked while spearfishing off Pebble Beach expected to make full recovery after fighting off shark. (NBC news)

A California spear fisherman is recovering after he was attacked by a Great White shark Friday afternoon at California's Pebble Beach.

Grigor Azatian was attacked around 1:45 p.m. by a shark in Stillwater Cove.

"He grabbed his spear gun, went down and saw the shark, Great White. From his description, it was about 15 feet long," said Armen Azatian, Grigor's father.

According to his father, Grigor was bitten about two or three times on his right leg. He then managed to swim back to the boat.

Once on shore, two off-duty sheriff's deputies were luckily on the beach and helped stabilized him until emergency responders arrived.

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