Tiny horse travels long way to help little Texas girl heal

A Texas 5-year-old is smiling again after grieving for weeks after her beloved pet, a miniature horse named "Chicken Nugget," was shot and killed. Thursday a new miniature horse named "Chicken Wing" was delivered to her family.

A 5-year-old girl is smiling again after grieving for weeks after her beloved pet — a miniature horse named Chicken Nugget — was shot and killed.

A new miniature horse, named Chicken Wing, was delivered to her family's Liberty County, Texas home with the help of the community.

It was a long haul for Chicken Wing. Volunteers picked up the animal in New Mexico then drove 11 hours to the family's property in Hull.

"I guess you could say he sent an angel to us, and she definitely has wings and made her way to us," said Kylee Brett, the girl's mother.

The 250-pound, 28-inch horse was donated by Double J Farm in Belen, New Mexico.

Rylee opened her heart and welcomed Chicken Wing with open arms.

"That sounds just like Chicken Nugget!" said Rylee.

It did not take very long for the new duo to become inseparable. Rylee led Chicken Wing around her driveway and into the fields.

"She's a good pony, and I like her," said Rylee.

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