Wrong late night snack can cause serious disruptions to your sleep


Avoiding the wrong late-night snack can help you sleep better.

Cereal, coffee and pizza are among the foods that can aggravate your sleep cycle.

"Particularly the sugary cereals will spike your blood sugar, and that messes with your sleep," says Catherine Kruppa, owner of Advice for Eating Nutrition and Wellness Counseling.

Kruppa says sugary foods make your blood sugar rise and then drop and you don't sleep as well, so almost anything sweet will mess up your sleep, including coffee.

"Six hours before is when you want to cut off caffeine," she advises.

The biggest misconception might be alcohol.

"Alcohol is one many people drink to get them to go to sleep, and it does make you tired initially, but it definitely messes with your sleep ... you don't sleep as well and as deep," Kruppa says.

She notes it also might be painful to sleep if you're prone to acid reflux and eating high-fat foods late at night.

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