Rip-Off Alert: Neighbors fight back after serial porch thieves hit neighborhood

Serial porch thieves spent the last six months hitting a neighborhood, and now, neighbors are fighting back in more ways than one. (KSNV file)

Serial porch thieves spent the past six months hitting a neighborhood, and now, neighbors are fighting back in more ways than one, preventing another rip-off.

Courier companies routinely drop packages off in one south San Jose, Calif. neighborhood.

Janis Beck is a frequent recipient and says if she's not home when the packages arrive, she asks they be hidden, like behind a fence and not left in plain view.

"You know, they'd have to come up pretty far to see or be noticing if somebody dropped something off," said Beck.

Beck is cautious because she says a few neighbors have had packages stolen multiple times recently.

"That's kind of like an invasion of privacy," said Beck.

Police confirm the latest reported incident happened last week.

The victim shared surveillance video, showing a man in orange and black walk right up to the porch, pick up a package, and walk off.

This has become a reoccurring theme for the neighbor who says over the last six months, several packages have been stolen off of his front porch, with the loss totaling about $1,000.

Kathleen Chung lives next door to the victim and says she too has cameras.

She says her family frequently makes online purchases that are delivered to her home daily.

Despite the thefts, some neighbors still have packages left at the door.

Chung says if she had been victimized, she'd make a change.

"Wow, I would stop having stuff shipped then. I would send it to my work," said Chung.

Not a bad idea, if it's alright with the boss.

In the meantime, people in that neighborhood are hoping the porch thief is caught.

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