Rip-Off Alert | Parents of newborn leave stinky surprise for porch pirates

Parents of a newborn left a stinky surprise for porch pirates. (KSNV file)

Angie Boliek and her husband are new parents of a mellow, 4-month-old named Ben.

She says a yearly tradition in her family is to have the children take a photo in their Christmas pajamas, so she ordered some online from Target.

Boliek spoke to our Sinclair Sister Station in Portland, telling them that the package was stolen. She was originally frustrated but then got creative.

She taped up a box filled with her son's dirty diapers, along with a note, and left it on the porch. The next night, the box was gone.

Boliek then called the police. Laughing, an officer said that they don't have any leads at this point in either the theft of the pajamas or the "number two" package.

Police don't necessarily recommend Boliek's tactics. Instead, get a tracking number and pay close attention to your front porch on your scheduled delivery date or pick up your package at a delivery center.

The Bolieks are now installing surveillance cameras, although, those thieves may have learned their lesson.

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