Rip-Off Alert | Telemarketing scheme leaves hundreds with multi-million dollar loss

One telemarketing scheme run by one thief left hundreds of people with a multi-million dollar loss. (KSNV file)

One telemarketing scheme run by one thief left hundreds of people with a multi-million dollar loss.

Carolyn Turner is living on a ticket budget after losing $40,000 in a telemarketing scheme.

Initially, Turner was hesitant but decided the high rate of return with little risk could pay off.

"Asking if I would be interested in investing in a company that would help small businesses," said Turner. "I was going to make all of this money. I would get my investment back probably within a year."

Before she sent the check, she admits she questioned the woman working for the Rose Marketing Company again.

"Really, really sounded like she had my personal well-being in mind," said Turner.

Now, she realizes this was all part of the scam.

"I tried to call the number they had given me … I either got a busy signal or nothing happened. So, there was no way for me to contact them," said Turner.

Postal inspectors say this is exactly how telemarketing schemes work.

"They will try to sell you on a business opportunity at a fairly minimal price of $500 or less, usually. At that point, once you have made an initial investment, a re-loader will call you back fairly soon and try to get you to invest in a much higher dollar package," said U.S. Postal Inspector Liz Davis.

Turner wasn't alone; 404 victims lost more than $6.6 million in varying schemes run by a person named Lukeroy Rose.

"Anybody who wants your money over the phone ... is a high probability that it could be a scam," said Davis.

"I'm so sorry that I've done it … because the ultimate outcome now is hurting my lifestyle and what I'm able to do," said Turner.

Four people were indicted on charges linked to the Rose Marketing scams. Lukeroy Rose pleaded guilty to making unlawful telephone solicitations and operating a fraudulent marketing business.

Under the plea agreement, Rose will be sentenced to five years in prison.

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