Rip-Off Alert | Woman scams family with fake pet vaccination records for new puppy

A woman scammed a family with fake pet vaccination records for a new puppy. (KSNV file)

A woman sold a puppy to a family, claiming it was healthy and had its shots. It turns out, the paperwork for the dog's vaccination records was fake and the puppy is now fighting to stay alive.

It's been a tough couple of days for Rebecca Gonzalez and her new pup, Coco. She was thrilled to buy Coco after seeing an ad on Craigslist by a lady who says her name is Julia.

"She came with her son and she really sounded like she cared," said Gonzalez.

There were papers to prove she was the breeder and the puppy was healthy with up-to-date vaccinations. Gonzalez handed over $900 and Julia passed over Coco and left.

"I think it was all about the money because she was sick. As soon as they dropped her off, not even an hour after, she started having diarrhea," said Gonzalez.

Soon after that, Coco got worse.

"I found her upside down. She wasn't moving," said Gonzalez, who then grabbed Coco and rushed her to a vet. "They said that she was not treated, given the right foods, her sugar dropped."

The vet needed information on Coco's vaccinations, so Gonzalez called Taft Veterinary Clinic. That's where Julia claimed the puppy got her shots. Jordan Cordova answered the phone and attempted to verify the records.

"I searched the name, I searched for puppies, I searched the type of puppies and nothing was coming up at all," said Cordova, who then looked through their paper files, on the computer, everywhere. "I was really concerned because usually, we find records really fast."

That's when the clinic knew the vaccination records were fake. They let Gonzalez know and she immediately called Julia.

"It kept going to the answering machine," said Gonzalez.

Even our Sinclair sister station KBAK in Bakersfield tried to call and got nothing.

"They had to know she was sick, yeah, you can tell right away," said Gonzalez.

Coco has an uphill battle but her owner says she will do what it takes to get her healthy, noting that it has been a learning experience. She hopes others don't have to go through the same thing.

"I saved her, I don't know what would have happened, but I just want her to live," said Gonzalez. "Because it hurts, it really hurts."

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