Three new buddy movies spread messages of family, friends, and loyalty

Finding Dory 6/17/2016 [Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / MGN]


3 Stars (out of 5)

As I look back on a week of movie screenings, you may be surprised by how and why I came to the conclusions that I reached regarding FINDING DORY. First, let's talk about the "Big Fish in the Room!"

I never found FINDING DORY to be terribly interesting. In fact, I thought the film was far too long and the non-stop chatter was unable to keep my attention or interest. This may be the most significant moment in my film critic career as I am now prepared to acknowledge that when it comes to this animated motion picture, there is a real generation gap.

So in fairness to the genius of Pixar and the magic of Disney, I yield this review of FINDING DORY to my young colleague Jack, who just turned 11-years-old on the day after the screening earlier this week.

"I liked the narration. There were parts that were funny. There were times that it was sad. This story followed FINDING NEMO. It was a good movie. I liked all of it. 5 Stars (out of 5)," said Jack.

Director Andrew Stanton already has FINDING NEMO and the brilliant WALL-E to his credit. The voice cast includes Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O'Neill, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burell, Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton. While cast well, there was still too much repetitive dialogue.

Insider Tip: Don't leave the theater until the final credits have rolled. There is one last animated scene that I bet 99% of the audience will miss, and it is pretty funny.


4 Stars (out of 5)

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE is the film I most enjoyed this week and the film carries my strongest recommendation. It is really funny, laugh out loud funny. Applause in the middle of the movie funny. It is a buddy-cop movie about a ripped C.I.A. officer, Bob, who is haunted by his nerdy high school days and an accountant, Calvin, who was the most worshiped superstar in their high school. That backstory sets the stage for their 20-year high school reunion. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are just terrific together. I do not want to say anything about the plot, that would spoil the fun.

As much as i enjoyed the film, I fear that the critics will chew up this movie. Then again, the critics chewed up WARCRAFT. I gave the film 4.5 Stars.

News 3 calls me "The People's Critic". My positive reviews last week were upheld by CinemaScore this week -- voted by the public!





3.5 Stars (out of 5)

PUERTO RICANS IN PARIS was screened for the first time one year ago at the Los Angeles Film Festival. It was just released this month and will hopefully make its money back with Video on Demand. It is a simple film that has its moments. Two New York detectives take a case that brings them to work undercover in Paris. They are asked to catch a thief who will flood the fashion market with bootleg handbags.

I went to see this movie for one reason: Luis Guzman. In my opinion, he is among the finest character actors working in Hollywood today. In this film, he is paired with writer, director, and producer Edgar Garcia. Their charming chemistry together is absolutely wonderful. I think this film is worth the price of admission. When you add Rosario Dawson and Rosie Perez, you really have quite a good cast. PUERTO RICANS IN PARIS is Directed by Ian Edelman, who is best known for his work on the HBO sitcom, "Making it in America". Much of the film was shot in Paris and Prague.

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