A lot of ideas at CES 2018, but are they practical?

This week, Las Vegas is host to the biggest tech show in the world. There are thousands of visitors and innovations that will help shape the world of tomorrow at CES 2018. (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

CES 2018 is a breeding ground for concepts you thought you’d only see in a fictional world, but many aren't too farfetched.


On Tuesday morning, more than 4,000 exhibitors set on making today’s ideas tomorrow’s reality opened their space in efforts to reach that goal.

The massive technology convention attracts technology developers, investors, and influencers, obsessed with a hunger to get noticed, find the next big player, and highlight what next in the world of tech. Big players this year come in the form of practicality.

Concepts like self-driving vehicles, augmented and virtual reality gaming, and 360-degree cameras used to be just that -- concepts. Today, those ideas have running legs. Some have already ran to retail and the others are soon to follow. In the world of virtual reality, many consumers already have half of what runs some of these devices: their smartphones.

“Virtual reality is actually becoming a very, very functional tool. We’re able to take children on journeys, we’re able to explore and experience things you wouldn’t normally be able to experience," said Dave Hodgson with Carl Zeiss, “Most people have what they need in the palm of their hand in order to use this [VR headset].”

Although some of these are still concepts, developers are hoping that they will be available to consumers very soon. You can learn more about CES and what's on deck for 2018, HERE.

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