Artificial Intelligence innovations take center stage at CES

These augmented reality glasses at CES also incorporate artificial intelligence. (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

This marks the first year the Consumer Electronics Show has a designated space for innovations in artificial intelligence.

“This is like the fifth industrial revolution,” said Jose Encinas of PhiBot, a personal assistance phone app enabled with artificial intelligence.

Inventions of all types showcased at CES incorporate A.I. technology — from glasses to robots and home appliances.

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One smartphone personal assistant app promises to use A.I. to improve the quality of your life.

“PhiBot is a personal assistant with human-like intelligence. Human-like intelligence means that this assistant can make decisions for you,” said Encinas.

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The rise of the machines gives rise to concerns over privacy, especially in the world of tomorrow where technology knows everything about you.

“It’s a matter of how you tap into all these incredible innovations and resources and apply it to our lives,” said Sean Wang, Ph.D. of ITRI International.

Developers say privacy safeguards are in the works but this is a new frontier.

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