Day 1 of CES wraps up, and Day 2 is soon to be underway

Meet Sanbot – armed with artificial intelligence, and a hi-definition projector (KSNV)

Day one is in the books for the modern world's fair known as CES showcasing all the coolest new technology right here in Las Vegas.

It’s the 50th consumer electronics show, where engineers and innovators descend to show the latest, greatest and the weirdest ideas.

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It’s in this sea of people where we found this: Meet Sanbot – armed with artificial intelligence, and a hi-definition projector.

He's an open-source robot, and he doesn’t have a job yet, but the skills to do everything from helping out at a hospital to salesman – complete with a screen to project product information.

Sanbot costs $10,000 – no one said innovation was cheap.

CES can be overwhelming. How about a break? Maybe take part in some VR air racing.

Virtual reality is everywhere this year as companies look to it for entertainment, and look to augmented reality to put people in real life situations from designing homes to medical simulations.

But the tech isn't limited to robots and immersive realities. there are wildly different ways to look at the world around you, like a TV with two sides that offers a view no matter where you are.

People seemed interested, but this TV is not available yet. It is still, for now, in the future.

The ideas at CES range from world changing to a way to get the next Instagram like. But as a guy who knows something about social media, Sinclair Broadcasting’s John Colucci tells us much of what CES is about, is getting ready for the next one.

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“This whole show Isn’t just ‘Lets look at these cool gadgets,’” said Colucci. “It’s where a lot of these people are having these conversations and they’re really helping build the future of tech.”

Also coming out of CES, a gamer's dream: a gaming laptop with three built-in monitors. It's called "Project Valerie" - each screen is over 17 inches.

Razer calls it "the greatest amount of screen real estate ever assembled in a single computer." If the concept ever makes it to reality, it would likely cost around $6,000.

Or how about this: a big computer flash drive that is really small. The "Data Traveler Ultimate GT" is the world's biggest thumb drive, according to its makers. It can store up to two terabytes of data -- that's more than 160 HD movies. All that memory is squeezed in a body that's less than three inches long.

No price yet - but its predecessor costs about $2,700.

If you've got the credentials to get in, we want to see your photos and videos -- just use the hashtag #News3CES

Here are some of the photos coming in so many cool things to check out -- you could spend days down there and not see it all.

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