‘CES Unveiled’ offers preview of tech innovations ahead of Consumer Electronics Show

This week, Las Vegas is host to the biggest tech show in the world. There are thousands of visitors and innovations that will help shape the world of tomorrow at CES 2018. (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

Thousands of visitors are descending on Las Vegas for the world’s premier technology convention: the Consumer Electronics Show.

From robotics to smart mirrors and smart city technology – CES will showcase the latest in technology when it kicks off Tuesday.

“These are products changing lives, changing the world,” said Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Technology Association – the group behind the biggest tech trade show of the year.

CES is expected to attract 175,000 people to Las Vegas this week. The massive convention spans 2.75 million square feet of exhibit space.

“I’m looking forward to the excitement when the show opens and you see these booths that are being built and companies display for the first time their vision of what they want to show the world,” said Shapiro.

Innovations include inventions both big and small. At CES Unveiled – which offers a preview of the main convention – tech company Naver showcased smart earbuds called MARS. The earbuds help bridge the language barrier by translating the conversation simultaneously.

“If I speak in Korean, you will hear it in English,” said Steven Kim, one of the company’s marketing spokespersons.

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The product is expected to hit the market later this year.

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