Here's when you might be able to step into a self-driving car

Self-driving cars are taking on the streets of Las Vegas at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. (Faith Jessie | KSNV)

In 2017, the Consumer Electronics Show was a mecca for self-driving vehicle concepts.

Fast forward one year and some companies are taking it to the next level, putting passengers in the cars.

Hundreds of car rides at CES 2018, didn’t need a driver. Torc Robotics, one autonomous robotics company has been testing their self-driving cars on the Las Vegas streets for the last two months

“We have electronics that actuate the break, the throttle and the steering just like you and I would as a driver," said Michael Fleming, CEO, Torc Robotics.

Fleming took News 3 around one of their self-driving cars at CES. He explained that the sensors and cameras on the car gather data to tell the car how to drive in any condition.

Another company in the autonomous auto market is Aptiv, who sees a future in ride sharing. They partnered with ride-sharing app Lyft to give those attending CES, driver-less rides to 20 different Las Vegas locations.

There are currently no fully autonomous vehicles in the retail market. This isn’t just because of technology development. Other factors like legal issues with insurance companies and government laws take effect.

Glen Devos with Aptiv says that's something their company is working on.

“We’re working very closely with the Regional Transportation Commission as well as the city and the county to make sure we are legal to drive," said Devos, Chief Technical Officer, Aptiv.

Devos says the company has been driving their cars in Las Vegas for four years. He also says there are about 40 different intersections in Las Vegas equipped to communicate with the cars.

Torc has already commercialized their driver-less technology in the military and mining sectors with companies like Caterpillar.

Devos tells News 3 Aptiv is hoping to put passengers in driver-less Lyft cars on a regular basis as early as next year.

There are six different levels of autonomous driving under the SAE Internationa's standard. The lowest is level zero which is with a driver and the max is level five. Right now, the companies we spoke with are working on level 4 technology meaning the car can drive itself in any condition with no human interaction needed, but still has some human driving modes.

Autonomous cars currently in the retail market still need human interaction.

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