Relay robots make their debut at the Renaissance Hotel

Relay robots make their debut at the Renaissance Hotel. (KSNV)

In the midst of all the CES excitement, two new relay robots made their debut at the Renaissance Hotel near the Strip.

They're the first of their kind to work at a Las Vegas hotel.

Relay robots Elvis and Priscilla are now working the hallways at the Renaissance Hotel. Steve Cousins is the CEO and co-founder of Savioke the, the company that created the two and hundreds of others like them are working all over the world.

"We're now going into hospitals and logistics as far as Fed-Ex but our bread and butter industry has been hotels," said Cousins.

These high tech robots perform some important tasks they can alert staff to wifi outages as well as any unwanted trays or objects in the hallways.

They can also make deliveries to hotel rooms.

And on the way to make those deliveries, the robots can maneuver through crowded areas and also call the elevators on their own by sending a signal.

But working robots pose some concern.

Many people are asking will this take a job away from someone else? Cousins says it’s not likely.

"I think that robots end up doing things that are so simple you wouldn't even put it on a resume,” said Cousins.

General Manager at the Renaissance Karl Kruger agrees. He says the robots make things a little easier for his employees, but could never replace them.

"We're in the hospitality business we engage with our guests and that's a piece of engagement that I don't think the robots will ever do,” said Kruger.

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