CONSUMER REPORTS: Ten years ago, iPhone changed the smartphone game

It's been ten years since apple introduced the original iPhone. Now, more than a billion have been sold and there are more than 2 million apps.

In this day and age, it may be hard to remember that iPhone wasn't the first smartphone on the market. There were already phones out from Palm, BlackBerry and others. But Consumer Reports says the iPhone was a revolutionary shift for people.

The iPhone really kind of brought it all together into a more consumer-friendly device. It had a touch screen, you could reconfigure the screen with anything, you could upgrade the phone as necessary. People now had instant access to the internet in their pocket at all times.

This also meant people didn't have to carry around as many gadgets like a camera, GPS or music player because their new phone did it all.

"The iPhone kind of paved the way for this idea of the device that absorbs all the functionality of a bunch of other gadgets."

But over the years Apple faced competition from the outside and struggled with some issues internally as well.

The iPhone 4 had "Antennagate," where it was dropping calls if you touched it in the wrong place. Also on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, that generation, there were concerns about the device getting so thin that it could bend and we investigated that in Consumer Reports labs as well.

Consumer Reports found the phones weren't as bendable as people believed.

Apple's next iPhone is expected out this fall and Consumer Reports will test it as soon they get it in their lab.

While the iPhone did change the smartphone game, it's not at the top of consumer report's ratings.

Their top-rated phone is Samsung's Galaxy S7.

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