A dog's best friend | Local hero helps hundreds of animals find new homes

Local hero Polly Williams has helped hundreds of animals in the community find new homes (Chloe Beardsley | KSNV)

This week goes to the dogs! We say that because this week’s hero goes out of her way to help our furry friends in the community.

Her name is Polly Williams. She’s only been fostering for just a few years and has helped nearly a hundred animals find new homes.

We met up with Williams this week as she was taking four new animals in for a check-up, three of which were very tiny puppies. The Animal Foundation staff says they don’t know what they’d do without her help.

Coming to the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas is a typical errand for Williams.

We met up with her and met the newest temporary members of her family: Hope, Timmy, Morgan, and mama Shawnee. The furry terrier-mix family was found starving in an abandoned home – that’s when Williams got the call to help.

Her job is to nourish them back to health and get them ready for their new homes.

“The best part is taking an animal that comes to me scared and injured and really with a need and to be able to fill that need and send them back out into the world a whole animal is an experience that I never grow tired of,” said Williams.

Williams started volunteering with the Animal Foundation in memory of her dog Gracie. She was adopted in 2005 and passed away a few years ago.

“We decided that we wanted to instead of helping just one dog this time that we wanted to help as many as we can so we decided to foster,” said Williams.

There are a lot of pets that come into the shelter sick or injured so she spends a lot of time taking them to the vet.

“Some are abandoned; some are injured from being hit by cars or other animals. Some, the owners give up voluntarily,” said Williams.

Williams monitors their progress to make sure they’re healthy and well.

“I come to the vet every other Saturday and spend a couple hours here,” said Williams. “It’s my responsibility to see that they’re taken care of medically, that they get their medicine on time.”

As of early October, she has helped 81 pets in her nearly three years of volunteering.

“I can remember each one and the experiences I had with each one,” said Williams.

Animal Foundation staff members we spoke to say Williams is an excellent foster mom and also helps the organization with encouraging others to foster and get more involved.

“We appreciate all of our fosters but Polly always goes above and beyond,” said Holly McHugh.

“We’re hoping that we can make a difference,” said Williams.

Williams says there have been a handful of times where she’s seen some of the dogs she’s cared for with their new adopted families. She says seeing the dogs happy is an amazing feeling.

“It’s good to see somebody else loving them and holding them the way that I do,” said Williams.

The Animal Foundation is constantly looking for volunteers. If you’d like to help out and be a hero like Williams, you can find more information here:

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