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Mondays Dark is a night of performance and entertainment, raising money for other non-profit organizations in the valley (Mondays Dark)

For this week’s Heroes winner, we are spotlighting a woman in our community who works for a non-profit that raises money for other non-profit organizations in the valley.

It’s called Mondays Dark – a night of performance and entertainment. Every month, An'Drea Dupper gets to pick a charity to receive the proceeds from the event adding up to around $10,000.

Dupper says it’s hard to call it work when you get to do something this cool for the community. She shared with us, some of the photos of the most memorable nights. Each of the pictures highlights a different night of entertainment and a different charity she’s reached out to help. Just this past week it was Shiloh Horse Rescue.

“We have headliners for Vegas shows that donate their time,” said Dupper.

Dupper also worked to raise money for Opportunity Village, The Blind Center, LGBT Center and Three Square just to name a few. They benefit from the silent auction and tickets sold for each Mondays Dark performance, a non-profit started by Rock of Ages star, Mark Shunock nearly three-years-ago.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without her,” said Shunock.

When you ask Dupper about her work, you can feel her passion.

“I say oh that’s my favorite show, that’s my favorite show or that’s an amazing charity. But each one becomes more special,” said Dupper. “Each one has its own special place in what I do.”

Performances have been held at Vinyl inside the Hard Rock, but now Dupper says the group is looking to branch out more. The next mission is called The Space. Right now it’s under construction, but will soon be open with its own Black Box Theater, rehearsal studios, podcast and recording studio and lounge for guests.

“We’re doing a huge push right now for a fundraiser for us for Mondays Dark, so we can keep a roof over our head and so we can pull in more charities,” said Dupper.

Dupper's end goal is to expand help to those who need it most in Southern Nevada.

“They’re incredibly grateful to use and for us, the Mondays Dark team, it’s just what we do," said Dupper.

Dupper says the next charity they’re helping is the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada.

The next Mondays Dark is scheduled for October 17th and tickets are just $20.

To help donate to Mondays Dark, click here:

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