Local man helps others in the community by sharing the passion of music

Jeffrey Trower of Las Vegas has dedicated his life to helping others through music enrichment programs. 9/09/16 (Community Productions)

This week we get to share with you a very special story about a hero who is helping others in the community by using the sound of music. You might also say he is redefining what it means to be a traveling musician.

Jeffrey Trower of Las Vegas has dedicated his life to helping others through music enrichment programs. The sounds speak for itself. His office is on wheels, filled with hundreds of different instruments. This mobility allows him to get around town to multiple appointments.

“Alzheimer’s units, mental health facilities, you name it. If there’s somebody at risk in this valley – I’ve pretty much have gone there,” said Trower.

Volunteering and doing drum circles is a big part of his work whether it’s through Hospice, with students or individuals with special needs.

Jeffrey says music can help people become more expressive.

“Drumming in a group setting lowers your blood pressure. It makes communication a lot easier because we take away words and replace them with rhythms,” said Jeffrey Trower. “Sometimes people can’t speak to effectively – but when they get into a circle of drums they let that be the mechanism for speaking.”

Sheryl Green nominated Jeffrey as our community hero. They started working together four-years-ago at a mental health facility. She said the work he did made a huge impact.

“Bringing them out of their shell and these people that were experiencing active delusions – weren’t when he was working with them,” said Green.

Jeffrey tells us his own personal experiences overseas during the Gulf War opened his eyes and ears to music after being inspired by a local tribe in Africa. That’s why he’s sharing his passion with others.

“He’s probably the most giving, inspirational person I’ve ever met,” said Green.

Jeffrey’s wish, moving forward is that more people become involved.

“You can’t change the world unless you change your community so first things first here – you own backyard, let’s take care of it,” said Trower.

Jeffrey also spends time working with kids at local high schools. You can also find him playing music at First Friday in Las Vegas.

Ways to get involved & learn more about Jeffery's music enrichment programs, click here.

To nominate a hero in our community, click here.

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