Local rescue finds fur-ever homes for golden retrievers

Local rescue mission provides golden retrievers without homes the chance to love and be loved (KSNV)

Our pets become a part of our family, but there are so many others out there left neglected, without a home.

One local woman is working to give golden retrievers that chance to love and be loved.

Tammie McNeill says that whatever you give to your furry friend, you get back so much more.

"I looked at my dogs every day and I knew the rescue was responsible for saving their lives," McNeill said. "I just knew I had to give back and I started small and kept more and more."

McNeill started volunteering with the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada ten years ago. Now, she's the president.

"These dogs come from being abandoned, unwanted, and completely neglected, and they just have the best life. They just need someone to care about them," McNeill said.

The group places 100-150 golden retrievers and golden retriever mixes each year.

"It's like a 40 hour a week job sometimes," McNeill said.

These many hours are all volunteered, to care for the dogs and fundraise to support their mission.

"Even when we're taking in the same number of dogs, the vet bills were 20,000 dollars more last year than the year before because the dogs are getting, they're sick or they need a surgery that someone couldn't afford, or they're older," McNeill said.

The rescue is giving them another chance at life with a loving family like Lori Lynn Bowles who has fostered six dogs with the organization. She's seen McNeill's dedication -- her love for dogs and people.

"Tammi is the rare individual who recognizes everybody else before herself. She doesn't know the word 'I,' she always uses the word 'we.' She's responsible for probably about a thousand dogs in total having a new home," Bowles said.

Ask McNeill and she'll say it takes a team to help these dogs shake off a bad past to make way for a future with a loving family.

"There are 50-60 active volunteers so it's a huge group effort, for sure," McNeill said. "When you see a dog when it's almost unrecognizable from when it came in emotionally or even physically, that's the best."

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