Rip-Off Alert: Rhode Island woman poses as landlord to scam tenants


A woman who claimed to be a legitimate landlord scammed tenants out of thousands of dollars in Providence, R.I.

Victims say Keila Fiorentino, 32, acted normal enough.

"She was nice,” said Edward Burton. “She went and notarized my papers for my kids to go to school at City Hall."

Police say Fiorentino set up a direct deposit to her account for rental payments and deposits. Victims said she appeared to know what she was doing.

“We got a rent receipt; we did a picture of her ID,” said victim Kaylin Santa Maria. “She gave her account number. We had all the information that we needed to make it a legit move.”

When the actual landlord showed up and saw tenants she did not recognize, attempts were made to contact Fiorentino. Her phone had been disconnected.

When Fiorentino is caught, she will face charges of identity fraud and taking money under false pretenses.

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