MAKE-A-WISH: Parker Rebel gets a trip to Alaska to fish

Parker and fish (COURTESY: Make-A-Wish foundation)

Parker Rebel, a 20-year-old Silverado High School graduate, has Stage V Chronic Kidney disease. Before his kidney transplant in June 2015, he was on dialysis every day, sometimes up to nine hours per day.

He spent his time playing X-Box and dreaming of the hunting and fishing trips he used to take. Parker's parents have traveled to Alaska many times to hunt and fish, so naturally, he had a wish to travel for an Alaskan fishing trip. His dream was to experience deep sea fishing, river fishing, and bear watching.

In July 2017, Parker's wish came true when he and his family traveled to Seward, Alaska. An added highlight was visiting the Kenai Fjords National Park to see wildlife, glaciers, and the breathtaking scenery. Special thanks to Miracle Flights for providing the flights for Parker and his parents.

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