Make-A-Wish: Tomier Ashaf gets to go to Wrestlemania


Today, we have 17-year-old Tomier Ashraf live in studio. A student who attends Durango High School, Tomier's wish was to go to Wrestlemania!

A sports fanatic, Tomier remains brave while facing two very scary diseases: HLH - a rare blood disease and lymphoblastic leukemia. After a few rounds of chemotherapy, he is doing well, and his sister is ready to donate bone marrow to him if his condition worsens.

Tomier is surrounded by a strong family and one thing that brings his family together is watching WWE Wrestling. Earlier this year, his wish came true and he even attended the Circle of Champions where he was surprised by appearances from WWE Superstars Becky Lynch, Finn Balor, Sasha Banks and JoJo. Then for the big surprise…Tomier also got to meet JOHN CENA! Tomier was announced by JoJo as he was inducted into the WWE Circle of Champions and John presented him with a certificate.

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