VEGAS LOST: An increase in youth violence has more young criminals being tried as adults


Young violent criminals could face adult charges, for a string of beatings and carjackings, including one that left an elderly man hospitalized.

The savage beating is just the latest in a series of violent crimes committed by juveniles since the beginning of November. In just twelve days, there have been seven arrests for violent crimes involving juveniles.

On October 26, a shooting on Pecos killed a teen just before midnight. the victim turned eighteen two days before being killed had been in the juvenile justice system. no arrests have been made.

On November 1 in North Las Vegas, an 11-year-old was shot and killed when gang members targeted the wrong house. two young teens, just 16 and 17 years old, have been arrested in connection with that shooting. More arrests may be coming.

Just five days later, four juveniles were arrested for a series of carjacking and brutal attacks on senior citizens one sent a seventy eight year old to the hospital.

While this seems unusual, Judge William Voy, who decides if these cases should go to the adult system, has told us for months that this is what he sees in his courtroom every week

“About two years ago I saw a dramatic increase in the more violent crimes. We saw that same increase in the mid-2000s and in the mid-90s,” Voy told us. “The thought was it would spike and go back down again, but it hasn't.”

We can confirm through a source with LVMPD that the four teens arrested for the carjackings could be tried as adults. The District Attorney has to move to certify them as adults.

Judge Voy will then determine if that’s appropriate in a certification hearing. That hearing could be as early as Thursday.

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