VEGAS LOST: How big of a problem is violence in schools?

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A 9-year-old was sent to the Harbor after being caught with a gun at school on Wednesday.

It's the latest in a series of incidents that has the Clark County School District's superintendent taking action.

Dr. Jesus Jara wants to make safety a priority, saying the recent number of guns brought to campus is too much.

But News 3 wanted to know just how big the problem is when it comes to violence at schools.

Statistics provide a good idea. Since August 8, there's been hundreds of kids in trouble in schools, with CCSD police handing out citations to more than 230 kids.

At least seventy-five students have been arrested, and they face 149 different charges, 25 of which are felonies.

Eleven of the charges involve weapons, and the 12th involves giving a young teen a gun.

Four felony arrests were for making threats, including terrorism or weapons of mass destruction.

The school district says officials are working to address these issues.

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