Vegas Lost: The Report Card


If Nevada was a student, it wouldn’t be doing well. We have a report card full of D's and F's.

The lowest grades are for the way we educate our kids, the access they have to health care, and the prevalence of juvenile crime. The report card was done by the Children’s Advocacy Alliance.

“If this was your child bringing home this report card you’d be mad you’d be angry, you’d do something about it", said Denise Tanata told us of the report card.

CAANV puts out this report every year and while they have seen some things improve; insurance expansion has taken us from number 51 in covered kids to 47. The low marks in education and crime continue.

“We’re seeing an increase in the number of weapons brought to school, in the fear of violence that kids have. Those are areas we need to do more digging into to see why", said Tanata.

We asked her for one more grade. How would she grade Nevada on their ability to improve?

“I’d say maybe a “B” on their desire to improve. I think it really comes down to putting our money where our mouth is.”

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