VEGAS LOST: Two weeks into the school year and many students have already been handcuffed

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It’s one of the priorities for schools this year: keep kids out of trouble and out of courtrooms.

We’re only a few weeks into the school year and many handcuffs have gone on already.

The schools are making changes. They've told us that, while they hate the term, breaking the school-to-prison pipeline is a priority this year

CCSD held a press conference last week about it, so how have they done so far?

The start of the school year has been rocky.

There were problems before classes even began. On August 12, a student was arrested for making threats to his school, Foothills High.

On August 13, the first day of school, a student was arrested at Green Valley High School with a nine-millimeter handgun.

Nine days later, a student at Centennial High School was arrested with a weapon.

On August 27, four students were pepper sprayed by a school police officer during a violent fight at Clark High School.

Finally, just before the Labor Day break, a student who was on probation was arrested at Sierra Vista High School during a random check. That student had a .45 caliber handgun at school.

The District Attorney’s office says that all of the students found with weapons are detained and given mental health evaluations.

Although, we have questions.

These are the arrests we know about, but how many weapons have been found on school grounds this year? How many students have been referred to the justice system -- sent there instead of getting arrested? And just how many arrests have there been?

The school district can’t tell us.

The school year is just 14-days-old, but the district could not tell us just how many times police have arrested a student, or how many times a student has been sent to the courts.

They told us those numbers are just too hard to keep track of, and that tracking it down will take several days.

We are staying on it as we watch the role of schools in the justice system, and we ask you at home to stay on it as well.

If you have any story ideas for our Vegas Lost series, taking a look at juvenile crime, you can email those over at

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