VIDEO VAULT | Plane crash in golf course resembles real event portrayed in film 'Casino'

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Last week when a private plane made an unplanned landing in a golf course and ended up in a water hazard, it probably brought back memories for some longtime Las Vegans.

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Back in 1981 it happened at the Las Vegas Country Club, and was later dramatized on the big screen in Martin Scorsese's 1996 movie "Casino". News 3 unearthed the original story three years ago from the station’s vault full of old 3/4” videotapes.

“You're being very open with us. I mean with books and papers. And that's gonna mean something when you go before the commission,” a Nevada Gaming Control Board agent was speaking with Sam “Ace” Rothstein in the fictionalized version of events.

“That's all I ask gentlemen, is a fair hearing,” replied Rothstein, as portrayed by Robert De Niro.

The conversation is interrupted as all eyes turn skyward to watch a small plane with a sputtering engine come in for an emergency landing at the adjacent golf course.

In that movie, Rothstein was a silver screen version of Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal.

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The plane landing on the golf course actually happened, and News 3 covered it.

“David Goldwater describes what he saw,” voiced reporter Lynette Taylor.

“I was playing tennis, and I saw a plane just come down,” the boy told Taylor. “Didn't hear any sound because the engine must have been dead.”

32 years later, News 3 contacted Goldwater again.

His story hasn't changed...even the way he tells it. Both the boy and the man make the same hand motions while describing it.

“And then all of a sudden, this quiet glider glides over,” says 48-year-old David Goldwater, arcing his hand. “It's the most outstanding memory I have.”

The movie provides an explanation.

“They're f-----g agents, Frankie,” shouts Joe Pesci in the role of Nicky Santoro—loosely based on the real-life Tony Spilotro. “Look at this!”

“The feds were watching Nicky play golf for so long they ran out of gas,” narrates De Niro’s voice. “Just what I needed. Right in front of the Control Board.

“And I saw two men come out,” said young David in 1981. “Looked like they were in uniform. From Nellis [Air Force Base] or something.”

Who were they really? Yes, FBI agents, though their Las Vegas boss Joseph Yablonksy maintained it was just a training mission. The memory had been fading for Goldwater when the movie was released in 1996.

“I saw that,” he exclaimed. “That's what I thought. I saw that.”

Three and a half decades later it looks like it may have been part of the battle against the mob. Back then for a young boy taking tennis lessons, it was just an odd emergency landing, where the Channel-3 reporter needed a witness.

“She was just asking, ‘Did anybody see this?’ I said, ‘I saw it, I saw it, I saw it’!"

An investigator from the Federal Aviation Administration is now trying to decide why the plane was unable to make it McCarran Airport, instead landing in a lagoon.” concluded the reporter. “Lynette Taylor, Eyewitness News 3.”

The movie version was shot at the Las Vegas National Golf Course and stopped short of the drink. The real-life version was at the Las Vegas Country Club, and ended more like the one that recently took place at Painted Desert: In the drink.

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