Jimmy Carter Kim found not mentally fit to face a trial

Jimmy Carter Kim appears in court for a competency hearing on Nov. 3, 2017, at the Regional Justice Center. (KSNV)

The local man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting at least two teenage girls continues to have his competency questioned. Jimmy Carter Kim is accused of holding the victim's hostage at different times, for weeks on end.

Kim is currently charged with 83 very serious counts, ranging from the sexual assault of minors to producing child pornography.

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Multiple victims, including at least two young teens, have stepped forward accusing Kim of holding them hostage in his father’s home. The teens say he repeatedly sexually assaulted them; both reporting violence during the assaults.

Kim, who was raised in North Las Vegas, spoke out in court with what sounded like a variation of a British accent. He called others in the courtroom “Yankees”.

“A young gentleman, like me, young, charismatic and fetching in these county blues; why would I be subjected to a competency hearing? Or to an evaluation when I am clearly, like, cognizant of everything I’m doing?” It’s rubbish,” said Kim in court.

Kim was escorted out of the courtroom following an expletive-laced outburst.

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Off camera, the mother of one of the young victims also spoke out. She does not believe Kim is incompetent and says “his fake accent” is all part of an act to buy him more time before sentencing.

At one point, Kim had a plea deal on the table, which he made plans to accept. Under the deal, he would have been sentenced to a minimum of 35 years behind bars. Kim abruptly backed out of those plans last year.

At this point, Kim has not been found mentally fit to continue on with the case. He was already sent to a mental health facility to be evaluated by two different doctors. Per Nevada law, the judge needs to review the reports before ruling on a defendant’s competency. The first doctor does not believe Kim is currently mentally fit to continue on with the case. The second doctor was not able to draw a conclusion on his competency because Kim did not cooperate with the evaluation.

The judge ruled Friday that Kim is sent back to a mental health facility for additional evaluation. He expressed displeasure with the decision as he was escorted out of court.

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