Man accused of killing neighbor over 'loud music' appears in court


The man accused of killing his neighbor after a dispute over loud music was in court on the charge for the first time on Friday

Stavros Stathakos, 37, stood quietly in court, only telling the judge that he understood the single murder charge against and that he could not afford to hire an attorney.

As a result, the judge appointed him the public defender; moving this case towards a preliminary hearing.

Police say it all began on Tuesday, when 35-year-old Jamar Taylor pulled into the Kensington Suites on West Bonanza -- while playing music in his car. Witnesses say as an angry Stathakos approached the victim, he was confused, adding he even tried to walk away.

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Police say Stathakos pulled out a gun and started firing at Taylor in broad daylight.

An arrest report from the case says in the days before the violent shooting, a neighbor heard the defendant complaining about people in his complex playing music too loud. That witness then told investigators Stathakos said he would "take care" of the next person who did it.

The victim was then seen trying to run but Stathakos allegedly continued after him, shooting Taylor multiple times. Taylor was pronounced dead at UMC, leaving his family shocked, angry and heartbroken.

The public defender now representing Stathakos says they have talked and have chosen to waive his right to a 15-day preliminary hearing.

They'll be back in court on February 22nd.

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