Student suspected in text message threat to Centennial High School faces judge

Toni Strickland (LVMPD)

A CCSD student faced the judge for the first time on Monday, after police say she sent a text message threatening to shoot up Centennial High School last week.

Toni Strickland, 18, was present in court with a public defender Monday morning.

Police say Strickland sent a text to another student threatening Centennial High School and went on to say, "every school in Las Vegas, getting blew up.”

The state said Strickland confessed to making the threats, which caused chilling effects days after a mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Strickland’s public defender says the 18-year-old has no criminal background and was acting out after being bullied in an unfriendly social environment.

CCSD sent out a tweet saying the threats made online were a hoax.

Strickland’s mother told News 3 that her daughter created a fake text message through a site called She says her daughter made a poor choice, but that she is a friendly person who has never hurt anyone.

Strickland's mother tells us that she would like to send her daughter to live with her father in Memphis to get the high school senior out of an environment where she has been bullied.

The judge told the public defender that she would consider a plan of action from the family on how to get to get Strickland help, but until then, Strickland will remain in custody.

Strickland is expected back in court for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 23.

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