Hillary Clinton rallies to supporters ahead of busy week in Nevada

Hillary Clinton event at Sun City Summerlin (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV News 3)

After a busy day of campaign events, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ended the night with a rally in Summerlin.

And with a full week of events scheduled with both Democratic candidates in Nevada, one thing is clear: the path to the White House runs through the Silver State.

Clinton spoke to a packed house in Sun City Summerlin, kicking her campaign into high gear just days away from the Nevada caucus.

"I think the next president has to tackle all the barriers that hold us back," said Clinton.

Nevada is a pivotal point in the race for the White House, as Clinton tries to motivate Nevadans to back her in this Saturday's Democratic caucus.

"I'm not standing here promising something I can't deliver ... I'm telling you, we can do this again," said Clinton. "We can create an economy that increases jobs, increases incomes, makes it possible to share more profits ... raises the minimum wage, and guarantees equal pay for women's work which is way overdue."

Clinton supporters are backing the former Secretary of State, citing her extensive experience.

"I liked her ever since she was a First Lady," said one supporter, Willie Johnson.

"Her plans seem more realistic," said another supporter, George Anderson. "She's got the foreign policy experience ... she's already been in the White House, she already knows what the job entails."

The former New York senator made a final appeal to voters of all ages.

"Please go to caucus ... 11 o'clock on Saturday," said Clinton. "Bring your friends and family and I promise you I will work my heart out every single day to make progress in our country."

Clinton has a lot of ground to cover over the next week and is wasting no time. She is heading north to Reno next, where she's scheduled to have several campaign stops Monday.

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