Dennis Hof wins statehouse seat after death last month

Dennis Hof (Photo: CNN)

A Nevada brothel owner and reality TV star who died last month after fashioning himself as a Donald Trump-style Republican candidate has won a heavily GOP state legislative district.

Dennis Hof defeated Democratic educator Lesia Romanov on Tuesday in the race for Nevada's 36th Assembly District, which includes rural communities and large stretches of desert in the southern part of the state. County officials will appoint a Republican to take his place in the seat.

Louise Gibson, who lives in Pahrump, provided one of the 17,179 votes in favor of Hof.

“We’d supported him for so long that we felt you know what, we are still going to vote for him, because there really wasn’t anyone else who was promising to do the same things for us,” Gibson said.

Lori Brandon also lives in Pahrump. However, she did not cast her ballot in favor of the late brothel owner and Republican.

“I wouldn’t have voted for Dennis regardless, because I am a Democrat and we have opposing opinions,” Brandon said.

Hof was found dead Oct. 16 after a weekend of parties celebrating his 72nd birthday. Officials are still determining his cause of death, but they don't suspect foul play.

Hof owned a handful of brothels in Nevada, the only state that allows them to legally operate.

Hof starred in the HBO adult reality series "Cathouse" and wrote a book titled "The Art of the Pimp," akin to Trump's book "The Art of the Deal."

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