June? Nevada's election calendar looks like November


The Primary? That’s oh-so over.

Candidates and campaigns shifted gears overnight to jump full-throttle into their races for office.

Nevada will once again be under America’s election spotlight, as a host of races will serve as litmus tests on how America feels about its President and the direction of the country.

For Governor, Democrats think they have a chance to recapture the office, one they haven’t held since Bob Miller left Carson City in 1999.

The contest in 2018 will feature the Chair of the Clark County Commission, Steve Sisolak, versus Nevada’s Republican Attorney General, Adam Laxalt.

“He and I are on opposite sides of almost every issue. We are on opposite sides of funding education, creating jobs, reasonable gun control, gun access,” Sisolak told me today.

Here’s how Laxalt sees the fight against Sisolak.

“Well, I think, I think the voters are incredibly tired of corrupt career politicians. He's been in office a very long time,” Laxalt told me today by phone.

Supporters of both candidates are already pulling no punches. The Republican Governors Association unveiled a website called; the Democratic Governors Association unveiled The Republican website asks whether the Democrat can be trusted; the Democratic website asks whether the Republican is ‘owned’ by donors and special interests.

Of all the contests Tuesday night, Sisolak’s was the one real brawl, beating his fellow Clark County Commissioner, Chris Giunchigliani by about 11%. At the State Democratic Party today, they're preaching unity.

“I firmly believe that everyone is motivated to show up and make sure that Adam Laxalt is not the next governor of Nevada,” says Nevada Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy.

Governor is one race the country will be watching. We have others.

Nevada will be crucial in the fight to control the US House.

It's Republican Danny Tarkanian against democrat Susie Lee. President Trump today tweeted Tark his congratulations, four months after he nudged Tarkanian out of the race for Senate, into this seat for Congress.

“Congratulations to Danny Tarkanian on his big GOP primary win in Nevada. Danny worked hard an (sic) got a great result. Looking good in November,” Trump tweeted.

In congressional district 4, it’s a 2014 rematch of two former congressmen: democrat steven Horsford versus Republican Cresent Hardy.

But the hottest race of this cycle will be us senate. Democrats smell a chance to knock off Republican incumbent dean heller.

Today, Democrat Jacky Rosen challenged Dean Heller to debate.

Her campaign says "Instead of being a check on the trump administration's reckless agenda, senator heller has been a rubber stamp."

For his part, Heller tells me Nevada's economy is benefitting from the “trump bump.” he says he’d welcome the president.

“If the president wants to come into Southern Nevada, I'll welcome him. If he wants to campaign for me, I'll welcome him,” Heller says.

That may happen. The Nevada Republican party tells News 3 there’s a chance trump may appear at next weekend’s party convention in las vegas.

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