Mudslinging getting worse in Democratic governor primary race


It's a mad dash to this Tuesday's primary, and the race for governor is heating up.

One of the most contentious storylines centers around the top Democratic contenders, and the mudslinging is only getting worse.

Each Democratic candidate is promoting themselves as the true progressive.

It's one of the fiercest primary battles in Nevada, with two longtime Clark County commissioners aiming to become Nevada's first Democratic governor in 20 years.

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Chris Giunchigliani is pushing education, mental health and small businesses.

"I've been a champion for the working class the little guy and gal for my entire career in public service," Giunchigliani said.

Steve Sisolak is also focusing on education, along with jobs and healthcare.

"Nobody is working harder than I am, and nobody has the ideas and the ability to move the state forward in a positive direction as we have," Sisolak said.

More than 12,000 ads targeting the race for governor have saturated local television since the beginning of the year, and the battle recently turned bitter.

One ad claims Giunchigliani voted three times to raise her own pay, and Sisolak claims that Giunchigliani has spent $4 million of PAC money to lie and distort the truth.

Competing ads take a stab at Sisolak's claims of being a progressive, saying "don't let the label fool you. With Sisolak, read the fine print."

Giunchigliani doesn't take responsibility for these ads, but doesn't condemn them either.

"Ads were about education and true differences," said Giunchigliani. "I can't stop what outside groups do."

Election day is Tuesday, and the county no longer assigns voting locations, so all voters can arrive at any polling place to vote in the Nevada primaries.

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