Spring muni elections: Las Vegas races grab spotlight

Here's a Ward Two election issue: the closed Badlands golf course. Incumbent Beers says the city can't stop development. (Jeff Gillan | KSNV)

It's the day before the election, and nobody ever accused Michelle Fiore of lacking confidence.

“So tomorrow I become your city councilwoman,” she told News 3 as we stood in her kitchen.

Behind her, a campaign staffer was working at a computer, sitting at a table that had dozens of returned campaign mailers, sent back to the campaign. Fiore told me that if any of those voters who no longer lived at those addresses voted, she’ll be sniffing out voter fraud.

It's just another day in the bare-knuckle brawl in the fight for Ward Six against Kelli Ross, who wants to succeed her husband, Steve, to represent Ward Six on the Las Vegas City Council.

“The Rosses are not the Goodmans, even though they want to try to be. They're not. And two Rosses don't make a right,” Fiore said.

No punches pulled from her, and no punches pulled from her opponent, either.

“When you move into a ward just to run for office, I don’t think that’s business as usual,” Ross told News 3 at her home, which doubles as her campaign headquarters.

Ross was referring to the fact Fiore had moved to a Ward Six address.

“If she needs to get a job, she needs to do something she’s been doing,” Ross says, although Fiore says she’s done nothing improper since Ward Six is part of the assembly district she represented in Carson City.

Fiore has referred to the Rosses as a “Ross Syndicate.”

“I find it quite amazing that they're going to call us the Ross Syndicate when I'm born and raised here,” Ross says. “I know this area.”

They're both battling over a district that sees growth first hand.

Around 115,000 people live in Ward Six and 60-percent of the homes here were built after 2000. That building boom is starting, again.

What are voters are telling Ross?

“They just want to make sure that everything is going well with the traffic and the crime,” Ross says.

Fiore is telling voters, “the quality of life for our constituents in Ward Six is going to be as they direct it.”

Meanwhile, in Ward Two, call it the battle over Badlands.

That's the closed golf course where a proposed development put the incumbent in the crosshairs of angry neighbors who want this place left alone.

Bob Beers, on the council since 2012, says that's not an option.

“But you have to remember that now two District Court judges have ruled that there's a development right and it's really not even in dispute anymore,” says Beers.

His opponent is political novice Steve Seroka, who wants to ride the uproar of what happens here all the way to the city council.

“What people are really concerned about is having a voice. They're concerned that their elected official is no longer listening to them,” Seroka says.

Four candidates. Two races.

“My crystal ball is, wait, a little foggy,” Beers told News 3 as we asked him to predict an outcome.

Besides Las Vegas, there are races in North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City.

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