1,000 flags in Mesquite includes tribute to Las Vegas shooting victims

The 12th annual One Thousand Flags Over Mesquite tribute is assembled Sunday, Nov. 5, on the west field of the Mesquite Recreation Center. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Benedict)

Mesquite, Nev. has its own tragic ties to the Las Vegas mass shooting. The gunman lived there. The people of Mesquite have been horrified by the massacre, but now, the community is honoring the dead with American flags.

A thousand flags line a field in Mesquite – 58 of them bearing the names of the Las Vegas shooting victims.

Resident Paul Benedict helped organize the week-long tribute located at the Mesquite Recreation Center.

“The black ribbon signifies the mourning because we are in mourning for these folks,” said Benedict. “Each of those is telling in this field a silent story. As you walk through those flags, you hear those stories in your heart.”

The temporary memorial is in its 12th year, originally set to honor our veterans.

This year, 58 of the flags are dedicated to the memories of the 1 October shooting victims.

While Mesquite gained international attention as the home of the gunman responsible for the massacre, Benedict says the field of flags display proves how much Mesquite cares about what happened in Las Vegas.

“The phrase ‘Vegas Strong’ means a lot to us partly because they’re kind of a sister city and obviously because of our tragic connection with these victims,” said Benedict.

Volunteers are keeping watch over the field of flags 24/7 until the display will be removed Nov. 12.

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