Attorney: Lawsuits could answer questions surrounding 1 October shooting

SWAT investigates a mass shooting Sunday, October 1, 2017, on the Las Vegas Strip. (KSNV)

There are still many of questions surrounding what led a gunman to unleash his deadly plot from the Mandalay Bay two weeks ago. A local attorney said the recent lawsuits filed against MGM Resorts by survivors of the mass shooting could unearth those answers.

Investigators have chased down more than 2,000 leads but so far, no clear idea of a motive. For many victims’ families, part of healing is getting those answers to questions, including: How did the shooter stock his hotel room with an arsenal of guns unnoticed? And were there enough exits for the 22,000 concert goers who became targets?

“Sometimes a lawsuit is the only way to get to the truth,” said attorney Paul Padda. “Through that litigation process, people are going to have to ask questions. People are going to have to provide answers, and I think that may do a lot in terms of educating and informing the public as to what happened.”

Two days ago, two California mothers spoke out about their daughters who both fell victim to the gunfire but are still alive.

“Vegas is not the problem; it’s what happened in Vegas that was the problem,” said Heather Selken, whose 21-year-old daughter was shot at the Route 91 Harvest Festival but survived.

Padda said the biggest hurdle for those filing the first lawsuits against MGM Resorts will be showing whether it was foreseeable. However, he said victims’ families and their attorneys will likely work to prove that the casino and festival organizers should have been better prepared with security given America’s recent proliferation of mass shootings.

“I think people want the truth. People want to know how did this man how was he able to pull this off and get away with it?” said Padda.

News 3 reached out to MGM Resorts for comment. MGM Resorts Spokesperson Debra DeShong issued the following statement:

“The tragic incident that took place on October 1st was a meticulously planned, evil senseless act. As our company and city work through the healing process, our primary focus and concern is taking actions to support the victims and their families, our guests and employees and cooperating with law enforcement. We are grateful for all who came to the victims’ aid that evening, including our employees, first responders, the police and citizens who acted in countless ways to assist. Out of respect for the victims we are not going to try this case in the public domain and we will give our response through the appropriate legal channels.”

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