Who is Douglas Haig? Arizona man says he sold Las Vegas shooter ammo

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An Arizona man who sold at least 600 rounds of tracer ammunition to the Las Vegas shooter insists he did nothing illegal.

News 3 sources confirm Douglas Haig of Mesa, Arizona is the second person of interest named in the investigation into the October mass shooting on the strip.

Douglas admitted to local reporters in Phoenix that he sold ammunition to Stephen Paddock – the lone gunman who opened fired into a crowd of concertgoers from Mandalay Bay.

“I know and believe there was only one suspect who killed 58 people and injured hundreds more,” said LVMPD Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

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While LVMPD has maintained Paddock acted alone, newly unsealed search warrants from October said: “Given the magnitude of the incident, it is reasonable to believe multiple suspects and months of planning were involved in this premeditated massacre.”

Weeks ago, LVMPD revealed that Marilou Danley – the gunman’s girlfriend – would not face any criminal charges. However, Sheriff Lombardo indicated charges could be filed against someone else yet he remained tight-lipped on the details.

“The FBI has an ongoing case against an individual of federal interest,” said Lombardo.

That ongoing investigation is the reason a Las Vegas judged ordered on Tuesday to remove any mention of the second suspect from newly released police records.

Haig has not been charged. However, News 3 sources said Haig first caught the attention of authorities when his name appeared on a shipping label on at least one box inside Paddock’s room at Mandalay Bay.

“For that name to have popped out, there’s got to be more to it than just ammunition,” said retired LVMPD homicide detective Phil Ramos, who is not directly involved in the case.

Haig admitted to first meeting Paddock at a Las Vegas gun show and again at an Arizona gun show before selling Paddock at least 600 rounds of tracer ammunition in front of Haig’s Arizona Home. Haig said Paddock claimed he was going to use it to make a light show in the desert sky.

Haig’s company website “Specialized Military Ammunition” posted Tuesday that it would be shutting down for business indefinitely.

Haig maintains he never did anything illegal and plans to hold a press conference Friday morning alongside his attorney to take questions from the media.

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