World War II veteran celebrates 103rd birthday at the gym

    Joe Rosa turned 103 on friday, the 77th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

    Joe Rosa turned 103 on Friday. The World War II Naval Veteran spent part of his day celebrating at the 24-Hour Fitness club in Summerlin.

    Rosa says he works out there four days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

    On Friday, his gym family and fellow veterans joined him to bring in his 103rd year of life with a balloon drop and cake.

    Rosa came to Las Vegas after years of owning a roofing company in Los Angles, and years of serving with the U.S Navy. He was awarded with the honor of Cheif in the Navy after his ship, the U.S. Serpens was destroyed with everyone on board.

    Rosa was serving in San Diego during the time of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

    Rosa joined the gym in 2011 after he was hit by a car and told he would never walk again. Rosa says he worked hard to recover, and within three months, he was walking.

    When News 3 asked Rosa what his secret to long life was, he said he didn’t know, but says he always works hard, quit smoking and drinking 40 years ago, eats a lot of vegetables, and avoids bread and red meat.

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