2016 may be the year of growth for Downtown Las Vegas


A vacant old garage is the latest target of the downtown revitalization. This week, the Las Vegas City Council approved a special use permit for Atomic Kitchen to renovate an old garage; bringing more life to the neighborhood by spring.

A new restaurant is also planned to be next door of the Atomic Kitchen, as part of the new revitalization.

Just two weeks ago, Cathy Brooks opened "The Hydrant Club" at 9th and Fremont. A dog park, a boarding facility and a first for its area.

"You wouldn't have been caught dead on this corner unless there was some sort of illicit activity in which you were engaged," said Brooks. But like many new business owners, Brooks had faith, and so did others.

Today her neighbors include a bookstore, chow restaurant, and a record shop. "We have fundamentally changed the landscape here and that movement, the sound of those boots marching forward, it is continuing to go that direction," said Brooks.

Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin couldn't agree more with Brooks.

"I get disheartened when I see naysayers who seem to lose heart the second they see somebody close they'll say: I told you so," said Councilman Coffin.

Councilman Coffin says while it's true, some new businesses have quickly shut down in the area that happens in any part of town. And he believes 2016 will be a year of growth.

"You've got a five-story apartment building that hasn't broken ground yet but it's going to be at 9th and Fremont," said Coffin.

Another project the city is hot on is the 8-screen Eclipse movie theater going in right at 3rd and Gass. Construction is well underway and is expected the first showing to be in September of this year.

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