2017: Won't be boring

2017: Won't be boring. 12/23/16 (KSNV)

How could it?

Starting January first, it will be legal to have an ounce of pot.

For fun.

But there's a problem, says State Senator Tick Segerblom.

“There's no way to buy it, so it's going to create a huge black market,” the Las Vegas Democrat told me Friday.

Ballot Question 2, which passed in November by a 54 to 45% margin, gave the state a year to get ready. Sergerblom will propose a fix at the upcoming session of the Legislature.

“So I'm going to actually propose what we call an early start program where we can sell recreational through our medical program,” said Segerblom.

So if the year starts with a toke, it also starts with a change:

Senator Harry Reid is out

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is in

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In January, we'll find out if Faraday has legs - actually, wheels. The car maker is supposed to roll out a production prototype at CES in a couple of weeks. It also claims it will restart construction on its manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas early in 2017.

February brings the legislature, looking at perhaps a 200-million-dollar deficit. Many issues will be on the table.

“Always the elephant in the room is schools,” Segerblom told me. “We’re 49th out of 50 in the state as far as our funding – we need more money,” he says. Money, of course, is the perennial battle when lawmakers convene; there may also be a battle over educational savings accounts, which passed in 2015, but this year the state Supreme Court ruled the funding mechanism was unconstitutional. The program gives parents state money to private schools – something long sought by conservatives but long opposed by the education establishment and their Democratic allies.

When it comes to ESA’s, “the Governor hasn’t said what he wants. I know Democrats are pretty firmly opposed to it.”

March...brings, perhaps an answer to our NFL dreams. Team owners may give the Raiders the OK to move here.

“I think it's very real that the NFL is going to approve relocation,” former NFL player Mike Pritchard told me over at the studios of ESPN Las Vegas, where he was holding down the fort for his daily call-in sports talk show. Pritchard says when it comes to football, money talks, especially with owners who want the league to make billions

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“I firmly believe that the owners believe that Las Vegas – Nevada - this market is global enough to where they can help them reach that 25 billion dollar goal for the National Football League,” said Pritchard.

On the strip, the under-the-radar resorts world is supposed to start construction, for real, during the first quarter. That's 3100 rooms for four billion bucks.

2017 will also see a battle for the nation's fifth-biggest school system. Lawmakers mandated a breakup, which the school board says is a rush-job.

It's suing, to stop a fall 2017 rollout.

What’s the prognosis, I asked Clark County School District Trustee Kevin Child?

“All depends on what the courts say…because the bottom line is we're worried about certain aspects of the bill,” Child told me.

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Next fall, Las Vegas hits the ice. Our NHL "Golden Knights" enter the league.

Andy finally, four weeks from today, Donald Trump takes office and voters are watching and hoping, "that all the politicized conflict goes away and that we run the country right,” voter Joe Silva told me at a strip mall off Rancho.


Already quite the year.

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