2018 CosmoProf Beauty convention brings thousands into town

Cosmoprof Convention.JPG

The 2018 CosmoProf North America is in full swing at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

It is a chance for beauty industry insiders to show off and get a look at some of the hottest beauty products and latest beauty trends.

More than 14,000 companies from all over the world are attending CosmoProf 2018 in Las Vegas.

The convention is an opportunity for companies to show off new and trendy beauty products. It also allows industry insiders and stylists to get an exclusive look at what’s new and how the beauty industry is evolving.

“This is where it’s at. Paris Hilton was just here. It’s just, everyone’s here, all the new anything that’s up and coming," said Las Vegas makeup artist and hairstylist Esmeralda Agius.

From skin care products like face lotions and face masks, to hair, nail, and makeup products. As well as new innovative beauty technology.

Daniela Chiocan, CosmoProf's marketing director, says the event is full of ingenuity.

“Technology is huge and technology, it’s a trend we’ll see more and more apps, for example, that you use on your phone, that do virtual makeup. Apps that access the health of your skin and hair mirrors that not only have lighting but you can take your phone calls through them," said Chiocan.

For the men at home who might be thinking this event is exclusive to women, think again.

“Men care about men's grooming, women care about men's grooming as much as men do," said Kyle Frazier, chief operating officer of Hue for Every Men.

Even retired NBA baller Matt Barnes says men need to invest in their skincare. That is why he helped create the Hue for Men product line.

The three-day beauty convention was not open to the public, but for people at home who spot a product they like, some are available in store and most of them will be available online as well.

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