Suspected drunk driver kills film producer and wife

Damaso and Christa Puente lost their lives after police say a DUI driver plowed into their Toyota Prius near Sahara and Hualapai. (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)

Never take a day, your friends or loved ones for granted. At least, those are the thoughts of close friends of Damaso Puente and his wife, Christa.

"Dom" worked in Creative Services at News 3. David Clevidence was Puente's boss for over five years at News 3.

"His wife had just gotten really good job as a nurse, so she was letting him pursue his dream as a filmmaker," Clevidence said.

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Police say Henry Aparicio was driving a red Mercedes -- impaired. Authorities say he was going over 100 miles an hour when he rear-ended Puente's car.

Aparicio's girlfriend, Morgan Hurley, was a passenger in the car. She is in intensive care.

Andrew Bennett with the Department of Public Safety spoke to us about impaired drivers in the valley.

Bennett says there have been 28 crashes at that same intersection over the past three years, but none of them as tragic as Tuesday night's crash.

"There's Uber, Lyft, taxis," Bennett said.

Across Clark County in 2016, there were 58 fatalities involving impaired drivers. While Nevada had 2 percent population growth last year, the state also had a 7 percent reduction in fatalities overall.

Henry Aparicio faces multiple charges of reckless driving involving death and DUI involving death.

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