35 dogs rescued from Moapa home in year's worst hoarding case

Thirty-five neglected dogs rescued from cages in a Moapa home. They’ve never worn collars or leashes. Most are timid and afraid. They are young Catahoula mixes. A breed known for its stamina and agility. (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

Thirty-five dogs have been rescued from a home in Moapa.

The staff at the Animal Foundation said the animals were found caged and neglected.

Those dogs are now learning how to wear collars and leashes for the first time. They are fearful and timid.

The Animal Foundation said its one of the worst hoarding cases they’ve seen this year.

They were rescued Nov. 27 after a complaint to Clark County Animal Control. Most of them are not leash trained or socialized.

Since the dogs are not used to collars or leashes, they had to be carried into the Animal Foundation.

The pups range in age from 4 weeks to 2 years old.

Some are purebred. Others are mixes of Catahoula breed, known for stamina and agility.

The staff at the Animal Foundation believes the dogs never had space to run, play or learn.

Local rescue groups took some of the dogs in, while others are in foster homes for one-on-one training.

A handful of the dogs have been adopted. The rest are being monitored.

Their journey will be a long one, and they need loving homes with patient owners to restore their confidence.

A Clark County spokesperson identified the owner of the dogs as Evonne Burris.

Burris was cited for not having a license to breed. She was also cited because the dogs did not have rabies vaccines and were not spayed or neutered.

According to a Clark County spokesperson, more charges are expected.

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