400 homes still without power nearly 24 hours after monsoon thunderstorms

400 homes still without power nearly 24 hours after monsoon thunderstorms

It was one of the largest power outages in Southern Nevada history.

During the peak, tens of thousands of homes were without power.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the number of homes without power in the valley had been reduced to 400.

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Patti Gutierrez lives on Reynolds Avenue in North Las Vegas. On Tuesday afternoon, she stood outside her house with a wet towel around her neck as she ate an otter pop.

Gutierrez was still waiting for her power to come back on and staying cool was nearly impossible.

"It is hot, really hot. We have been without power since 9:30 p.m., Tuesday night. I went to work this morning. We did not sleep,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez said she was more worried about keeping her dogs cool during the outage.

The knockout punch came Monday night. Relentless rain, strong winds, and lightning hit the valley.

The monsoon storms had NV Energy crews working around the clock to get the lights and air conditioning back on for tens of thousands in the valley.

Some crews had been working for 24 hours.

“At one time, we had 42,000 customers without power,” explained Ismael Sanchez with NV Energy.

According to Sanchez, some power poles could not withstand the power of Mother Nature.

"There was some poles that actually caught fire due to lightning strikes. We can look at one of these transformers on the pole. You can see a black mark. That was a result of a lightning strike directly to that transformer,” he explained.

As for Gutierrez, she saved what she could.

Inside her home, a blue cooler was stuffed with ice and food.

"I bought a bunch of ice and put the sandwich meats, milk and what I could in here,” she said.

Gutierrez knows it could happen again.

Storms can pop up quickly and monsoon season is just beginning.

Meteorologists say it could last through September.

Tips for surviving a power outage:

  • Many of us have solar lights in our yards. You can use those as a flashlight in your home.
  • Also, ahead of the storm, fill up Ziploc bags with tap water. Put the bags inside your freezer and you will have instant ice packs for when the fridge shuts off.
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