518 calls for help: Police release 911 calls from Las Vegas mass shooting

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They are 518 voices – the calls for help during the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Hundreds of haunting 911 calls were released Wednesday from the night a gunman opened fire on a concert crowd on the Las Vegas Strip killing 58 people. In some of the calls, gunfire can be heard.

Each 911 call is a piece of the ever-evolving timeline of the shooting that lasted up to 11 minutes.

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On October 1 at 10:06 p.m., Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus Campos was shot by the gunman on the 32nd floor, at which point he radioed the security office alerting them to shots fired, according to LVMPD’s preliminary report.

The newly released 911 calls include what appears to be the first call made by Mandalay Bay security to 911. In an interview with police, Mandalay Bay security pointed out the trouble they faced getting through to 911 – staying on hold for “approximately two to five minutes.”

"This is Mandalay Bay security dispatch. We have an active shooter in Room 32-135," said one of the 911 calls, which runs about 20 minutes long. "We don't know what's going on inside the room. People down below say he's shooting outside the window because glass is shattering."

As the gunman unleashed hundreds of rounds on the crowd, LVMPD's 911 dispatchers were flooded with hundreds of calls.

“It just drives home the chaos that everybody was living there and the difficulty that the first responders had in trying to sort out this mass confusion," said retired LVMPD detective Phil Ramos.

MGM Resorts issued this statement late Wednesday:

"We stand behind the timeline put forth by the LVMPD in the preliminary report which was based on the totality of evidence gathered by law enforcement officials. As the report makes clear, metro officers were on site when the shooting began and was promptly directed to the 32nd floor."

LVMPD's release of 911 calls and surveillance video is the fifth installment of documents released – part of a court order to make investigative documents public. News 3 is one of several media organizations joined in the lawsuit.

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