86-year-old super fan has been making a pilgrimage to the big game for decades

86-year-old fan has been making a pilgrimage to the big game for decades (KSNV)

Going to the Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many but one man says he’s been making the pilgrimage to the big game for decades.

This Sunday, he will attend his 41st Super Bowl ?in Minneapolis, Minnesota

James H. Woods Junior lost his hearing and the love of his life but football has remained the one constant in his world.

He has a deep connection to it. Born out the tradition that often included his significant other.

“I’ve been to everyone since Super Bowl 12 and every Pro-Bowl,” Woods tells me.

James H. Woods Junior wears his passion for the Patriots like a badge of honor. Each patch is proof of this love for the game.

“I started with Super Bowl 1978 in New Orleans. The whole package was 305 dollars for everything: airfare, hotel, rental car and a ticket to the game,” he said.

But times sure have changed.

James says even though he paid a few thousand dollars for tickets to Super Bowl 52, he doesn't want to be anywhere else.

“I’ll be 87-years-old in July. So, I keep moving. So, I don't think about dying! If I stay home, it’s all over,” he told us.

And it keeps him close to his other precious love, his late wife Cynthia. His better half went to half of the games with him.

Gone to cancer, her memory lives on in pictures, this patch and the yearly tradition he's determined to continue.

“If I stay home, it’s all over… so I move around as much as possible,” Woods said.

James will be 87-years-old this year. He was 45 when he went to his first, Super Bowl 12.

He says he saves up all year to attend the Super Bowl and Pro-Bowl. James says he plans to start saving up for next year’s game, right away.

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